“I have a real passion for the Davis County community and will work hard to keep it Utah’s most desired destination. I strongly support single family and owner occupied housing. I have always had to live on a budget and believe the County should as well.”

Community Advocate

The main objective is to actively support and represent the residents of Davis County, ensuring their voices are heard and their needs are met. This involves working towards the development of a thriving community that prioritizes recreational activities, well-designed trails, expansive open spaces, and accessible transportation options. The aim is to create an environment that fosters an active and healthy lifestyle for all residents. Additionally, there is a strong focus on promoting affordable homeownership of detached single-family homes, encouraging stability and a sense of ownership within the community. Through advocacy and careful planning, we strive to build a strong and inclusive community in Davis County.

Local Governance

I am dedicated to fostering strong collaboration among all 15 cities in our County. Currently, I have the privilege of being a voting member representing Kaysville City in the Utah League of Cities and Towns. This is my second term as a council member, where I have the opportunity to make decisions that will shape our future for at least the next 20 years, ensuring that Davis County remains a cherished place for our children. I strongly believe in empowering city governments to determine the growth and development of their local communities, free from any external mandates imposed by the State. Together, we can create a thriving and self-governed environment that best serves the unique needs of each city in our County.

Community Servant

I am the ideal candidate to serve as a Davis County Commissioner. With my extensive professional experience and lifelong residence in this amazing county, I am deeply committed to making it the best community possible. I have not only worked and lived here, but also served in emergency services and advocated for public services. I have a thorough understanding of local government and have experience working in the construction and building industry. Furthermore, I am intimately familiar with the challenges of living on a tight budget and facing struggles. I promise to represent you effectively and passionately. I know how fortunate I am to live in Davis County. Together let me represent you to keep it that way.

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