My name is Mike Blackham and I have had the privilege of living within Davis County since my family moved to Bountiful in third grade. I found the love of my life in a Davis County home grown girl as well; my wife Carri is originally from West Bountiful. We choose to build our lives and raise our family within Davis County, first Farmington and then in Kaysville.

I am currently serving my second term as a Kaysville City Council Member. I had a fulfilling full time career as a Building Official where I served Kaysville City for 34 years. I also worked part-time my entire career for local fire departments. I started at Farmington Fire Department as a Firefighter and progressed to an EMT Advanced and Battalion Chief for Kaysville City Fire Department. Additionally, I have served the County by representing Kaysville City on the Davis County Mosquito Abatement District for over 20 years.

Yours truly,
Mike K Blackham


Currently serving my second term as a Kaysville City Council member

34 years of professional experience as a Building Official

36 years of professional experience serving within local Fire Departments (34 year Kaysville City Fire Department, 13 years Farmington City Fire Department, 11 years dual serving on both)

20 years of professional experience serving on the Davis County Mosquito Abatement District

Served on the Utah State Education Advisory Board which oversaw funds generated from the 1% surcharge fee from all building permits

Past member of the Utah Chapter of Electrical Inspectors; previously served as President for two single year terms

Coached High School Hockey at both Davis and Viewmont High; still active within the hockey community

Successfully completed and implemented a General Plan for Kaysville City with citizen input to plan for future growth and development

Diligently worked on the budget process for Kaysville City to provide the best service at the lowest cost

Have years of experience working on local projects and have saved thousands in tax payer dollars


Ensuring tax dollars are spent in a responsible and equitable manner

Collaborating to ensure effective partnerships with all 15 cities cities

Promote active and accessible transportation

Helping to build a strong community with an emphasis on recreation, trails, and open space

Support the current services and County Departments

Advocate at State and Federal levels to allow growth and planning decisions to be decided at local levels to avoid State mandates

Encourage each city in Davis County to promote owner occupied detached single family dwellings

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Listening to your feedback and reading your comments will help me represent you as a Davis County Commissioner. Contact me if you have any questions, comments, or if you would like to offer additional support.